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February 6th, 2010

Reese Winter Race Series @ 11:00 am

Current Location: Reese, MI

This was the third in the four race series held in Reese, Michigan (near Saginaw).  They offer a 5K (walk or run) and a 10K (run only).  I have opted to participate in the 10K.  This has been a challenge more for figuring out what to wear than anything else.  It is running outside in Michigan in the winter.  This series is the first Saturday each month from December to March.

Times so far (I've included links to more detailed reports):
#1 1:01:15 (Dec 5)
#2 1:03:03 (Jan 2)
#3 1:03:02 (Feb 6)

The last race is next month, March 6.  Hopefully the weather will be better.
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