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December 31st, 2009

2009 the year that was @ 06:22 pm

Looking at my previous year-end post, I only made progress on one of the goals mentioned for this year:  I lost weight.

I had hoped to do better, but I am 6 pounds less now than then.  I have also run several 5K races, 3 10K races, and 1 half marathon.  I feel better than I have for a while and don't dread (as much) seeing myself in the mirror.

On the Amateur Radio front, nothing much happened in 2009.

The major event was my deployment to Joint Base Balad north of Baghdad, Iraq.  I serve in the US Air Force Reserve and completed a successful tour where all of us returned with the fingers and toes we left with.  The mission was supported effectively and was turned over to our successors.

Finally, I work for Ford Motor Company.  I an very happy that my company still exists, didn't for bankrupt, still had my job when I returned, and interesting work to be accomplished.  I think our leadership is doing the right things and this is showing.

May the New Year be all you want it to be!
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