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September 11th, 2008

Google Chrome - First Impressions @ 09:04 pm

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I downloaded Google Chrome to my Window partition. That went as painlessly as any software install. Chrome is able to import my bookmarks and history from Firefox. This was also very easy. I then went about by normal surfing.

I quickly ran into a problem getting the loop for the local NWS radar. This uses a Java applet. I was presented with a graphic indicated that there was no plug-in available for the object, the applet. This was working properly under Firefox. Googling found a suggestion to reinstall the current version of Java, release 6 update 7. This I did with no effect. Further googling produced a like to a newer version of the Java Runtime Environment than is available from the main site, release 6 update 10. This worked and I am now able to get the radar and satellite loops from the NWS so I can track Ike using Chrome if I so choose.

There are some options in behavior that are available, but the control of cookies seems to be very basic. However, I haven't found any cookies from sites I wouldn't want to have them with the "Restrict third party cookies" setting. I don't see how to deny certain sites completely, but I still haven't looked through everything.

GMail works well with Chrome (as one would expect). This browser is supposed to be fast, but I can't say as I've noticed it doing anything exceptional better than Firefox. It appears to be better than IE, but that is also no surprise.
Basically, it's a browser with a usable interface. I'll need to review the features a bit closer when I have the time, but I expect I will stay with Firefox for now.

[written using Chrome and the standard LJ web interface]
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