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February 22nd, 2009

Fitness Progress @ 04:02 pm

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I'm back into regular training for running.  Today is the end of the second week of training for a 10K in mid-April.  Progress is being made.  Knee is an issue, but it is getting better.  I have a "soft" goal for the 10K of just finishing according to my plan before the race.  (I went out too fast during my first 5K on 1 Feb.)

I'm following two strength programs: One Hundred Push-ups and Two Hundred Sit-ups.  I've just finished Week 2 in both programs.

Finally, my weight this morning was 165.  This is 15 pounds down from my diet start in November and half way to my current target of 150.  Nothing fits right.  My reward when I get to a my new stable weight is going to be buying new clothes.

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