December 31st, 2008


A Year In Review and a look forward

I started posting to this journal in June 2008.  Before then, we purchased a new car; I developed the ability to operate on the Amateur 160-Meter Band; I made the last contact needed for the Worked All States operating award; Margaret and I attended FilkOntario which included the wedding of Sue and Tom Jeffers; and I had my contacts for the Worked All States and Worked All Continents operating awards certified.

The big trip this year was to Denver for the WorldCon.  While there, I met up with friends from my childhood in Louisiana.  A high point of this trip was making the top of Pikes Peak.  On the return from this trip, I passed the final test for my current USAF professional development course.

As always, I enjoyed OVFF.  Due to scheduling conflicts, I don't always make it.

I am still looking forward to the time when I can vote for the candidate rather than against other candidate.

As noted here, I passed my USAF fitness assessment.  This included the best 1.5 mile run I've done in decades.  I've also started a diet and have lost the first 10 pounds.

We finished the year with a visit to see my father in Oklahoma.  He had just returned from a month in Europe which included visiting my sister in Bavaria.  We are home and will ring in the new year with friends.

Goals for 2009 (I have a fitness specific goals post in my Running Blog.):

I intend to continue the running and the diet.  I expect to reach my goal for weight near the beginning of May.  I feel good and I want this to continue.

The next operating awards I'm looking at at DXCC (working 100 countries, need to work 10 more and confirm 19 more) and IOTA (working 100 island groups, need to work 31 more and confirm 38 more).  I need to get the radio back into the car.  I also intend to be fully capable in both Morse Code and Digital modes by the end of the year.

I still need to process my stuff in the garage that is preventing me from pulling my car in.  I also need to clear my clutter from the rest of the house.

[Multiple edits on 1 January 2009 to add to or expand on the goals]