November 19th, 2008


New Timing

I have 3.5 weeks to improve my fitness score.  I need 12 more points to pass.

I think I can get 1 more point on the crunches and should be able to get 2 more points on the push-ups.

Any improvement on my waist (and there has been some) will be extra and help build a cushion.

This leaves 9 points to come from the run.  To do this, I need to improve my time for the 1.5 mile run by 2:03 (14:24).  This means improving from 11:00/mile to 9:36/mile.  This is about a 15% improvement.  I will target a 9:30/mile pace.

The good news is that I've already been engaged in training for this run since before the last assessment.  I should already have a week and a half worth of improvement.  I am monitoring my physical condition closely.  Everything says I can push a little harder.  I am also going to change the target from long term training for long distance endurance to short term taining training for speed at a shorter distance.  I won't need to start over on the long distance stuff, I just won't necessarily move that process until after this need is met.

Wish me luck.

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