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October 23rd, 2008

Homecoming bound @ 04:24 pm

Current Location: PJs, Slidell, LA
Current Mood: nostalgic nostalgic
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In a manner not out of character (except the flying part), I am taking a roundabout path to OVFF.

This morning, I flew out of Columbus, OH to New Orleans, LA with a plane change in Memphis, TN. On arrival, I rented a car (included an upgrade as they did not have what I have reserved) and by noon was northbound on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

The reason for this trip is the occasion of my class being honored during this year's Homecoming. That starts tonight and continues tomorrow night in Covington, LA.

Today, I visited with a gentleman who is responsible for my interest and initial activity as a radio amateur (ham). When he last saw me, I was headed to the Air Force to fly jets and held the call KA5OXE. Let's just say a lot has changed in the intervening years. My wife and I had previously tried to visit, but were unsuccessful. This gentleman still lives in the same house as when I first met him. He is a WW II veteran who was a code operator for military aircraft of the era. (He showed me the key he brought back from that experience.) I thanked him for his efforts on my behalf and talked about some of the significant events in my life and in the lives of my family. It was a good visit.

I then checked into my hotel (another upgrade; I didn't order a suite). The young lady at registration had only recently moved to the area from Ecuador.

I then drove by the school to see if there were any issues with the route and to verify place and time for tonight's activity. I had a brief talk with the current AFJROTC instructor and with the new alumni director. As I was leaving, I crossed paths with the current Principal and exchanged a few good words with him as well.

Currently, I'm enjoying an Iced Chai and a bag of Zapp's Potato Chips. I plan to catch a quick dinner on the way back to the school.

[Now to see if that actually does what I expect.]
[Edit: Great! It did.]
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