Clark Wierda (traveller42) wrote,
Clark Wierda

2012 Running goals and plans

My goals for 2012 are:
  1. Stay healthy
  2. Train consistently
  3. Finish MCM, secondary goal of marathon PR (<6:45)
  4. HM PR (<2:28)
  5. 10K PR (<55 minutes)
  6. Pass the USAF Fitness Test

The last is related to the Marine Corps Marathon in that I need to pass it to stay active as a drilling Reservist. I'll be using that status to get a discount on the race and lodging.

I've never done a proper base training cycle before, so 2012 will be a Base year. The basic plan is to stay with base training for most of the year adjusted to allow a mileage peak and taper before the USAF Marathon in September and follow Hal Higdon's multiple marathon plan to lead into the MCM at the end of October (and again to lead into the Route 66 in Tulsa in November! )

Initially, I plan to start with a Lydiard style base running as many days of the week as my schedule will allow. I will start with 30 minutes each day and build up to the following:
Monday1 hour
Tuesday1.5 hours
Wednesday1 hour
Thursday1.5-2 hours
Friday1 hour
Saturday>2 hours
Sunday1-1.5 hours

The pace for all of these will be aerobic (practically, the pace the allows for even splits for the entire distance).

I am prepared to adjust based on how the runs feel and how my recovery works.

Races currently planned:
Canyonlands Half MarathonMarch 17Moab, UT
Bolder Boulder 10KMay 28Boulder, CO
USAF MarathonSeptember 15Dayton, OH
Marine Corps MarathonOctober 28Arlington, VA
Route 66 MarathonNovember 18Tulsa, OK

Related to the USAF Fitness Test, I need to be able to complete 21 push-ups and 34 sit-ups in separate sessions of one minute each. I've consistently been able to meet the requirement on the push-ups, but the sit-ups requirement is the thing that is keeping me from passing the assessment.

My plan here is to do 5 sets of 20 (or as many as I can do) of push-ups and then of sit-ups every other day. This may be stretched to every third day if I do not recover well enough. The number will be adjusted based on how well I do each month on my drill weekend.

Finally, I've allowed myself to gain back most of the weight I lost the last time I was successful in losing weight. I will be starting at 180 pounds and will be looking to lose about 1 pound a week for most of the year. I expect I will find a good level after about 30 pounds, but we will see once we get there.

I think I can do most of this by making mostly minor changes. I will stay stable after the end of July until after the Route 66 Marathon. I hope to not gain too much during the 2012 Holiday season and plan to knock any remaining extra pounds off in early 2013.

This makes for an ambitious plan, but if you don't aim high, you will never get off the ground.
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