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I expected better

Just have a nasty experience.

Adobe Flash has been whining about needing to be updated for a while now. I finally let it try to do the update, but that was failing. I figured it was just a bad network connection. Well, Firefox just got updated and had a banner about updating Flash, so I went that route. I downloaded the installer and fired it off. I was a bit surprised to see a progress bar for downloading a Chrome installer and quite unhappy to have Chrome installed on my system without my asking for it. If it was in the notes regarding the Flash update, I did not see it.

I tried Chrome months ago and it wasn't really ready for prime time. For me, the security model wasn't robust enough. The killer was the updater process the constantly checked for new updates. I don't need to spend CPU cycles to have the razor's edge of up-to-date. Checking when I start the application is plenty often enough. So I removed Chrome at that time and haven't seen much reason to try again.

This forced bundling of applications is one reason I do not have QuickTime installed on my system. It came with iTunes which had burned me badly many years ago and you could not install QuickTime without iTunes, so did without.

Google Chrome and Adobe Flash are now on the iTunes list. Neither will be installed on my system unless I find a strong reason to do so. This applies to all OSs I use. I wasn't in the habit of recommending Chrome, but I am now in the negative recommendation position now.
Tags: google chrome, rant

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