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July 31st, 2010

Phone Phrenzy @ 07:48 pm

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I really hate this time of the political season.  Everyone and their uncle is calling. 

We have robodialers leaving messages on the machine.  These are the worst when I am actually present to answer the phone.  There isn't someone to talk at.

We have various groups all convinced we have nothing better to do than listen to whatever it is they have to say.  These don't even stop talking when you ask them a question; they just jump into their spiel.

There may have been a time I cared, but the intrusion on my time has passed the point where I am willing to listen.

Finally, those that actually have a living, breathing human ask for my wife.  There hasn't been one that had any interest in talking to me.  I guess they don't want my vote.

While I'm venting on political marketing (marketing=paid lying in my book), I will mention that I really hate negative advertising.  If a candidate cannot articulate intelligently why I should vote for them, telling me that you aren't as bad as the other candidate(s) is not going to help.

Only three more days, then we pause before November.  I'm not looking forward to the crescendo we will get then.
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Date:August 5th, 2010 03:23 pm (UTC)
And of course, your wife isn't terribly happy with all the attention either. Blood still boils when I think about the last few weeks of phone calls. Wonder if pissing me off (snikt!) to the point that I actually didn't even vote is what they _really_ had in mind.

(Like the bumper sticker campaign I heard about where one team plastered bumper stickers for their opponent on all the cars they could find.)